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Meeting Notes 4/7/13

April 8, 2013

By the way, we’ve got 59 days before the competition!

    – Installed on granny, needs ROS integration
* Hareware stuff
   – A few things were finished (see spreadsheet), but still needs a lot of work
* Sonar array
   – Cruz working on driver for Linux
* Vision
   – Lucas: still no progress
   – Orange filters need some work, see the “barrels_cones_4-5-13_*” bags
* Camera
   – Can take a video with micro SD card and view it on a computer
   – Can’t stream
* VN 200
   – Now integrated with EKF
   – Initial tests show that GPS is disappointing (see this report for more details)
   – Emailed VectorNav about OmniSTAR compatibility
* PATW competition on the 27th
   – Cancel it. Instead, we’ll go to A&M the next weekend to test, as practice for going to Michigan
* Sparkfun competition in Boulder, Colorado
   – Wth, it only costs $30 to enter. Letths get em.

To do:
* Acquire tall orange cones
* Get micro SD cord and HDMI recorder
* Test VN 200 in an open field
* Hareware stuff!!!!!!!!1111
* Get a GPS receiver that is compatible with OmniSTAR


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