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Updates and Comments 4/4/13

April 4, 2013

We have been testing in the past few days, and some things have come up. Here are some updates/comments relating to them:

1. Running PSoC_Listener after restarting the computer always fails on the first time, and must be restart. Here is what’s displayed on the console:

[INFO] [WallTime: 1365072413.598298] PSoC Listener is running on /dev/PSoC
[INFO] [WallTime: 1365072413.609293] Info message from PSoC: INVALID START CHARACTER:

2. On the walkway the robot can only make it over the ramp if it goes at around max speed. It might be easier to do this on grass. It also has issues trying to make it up the hill between RLM and ENS, but this is due to it slipping on the wet grass.

3. The remote kill switch is ON if it doesn’t have power. This means that if the remote kill switch gets unplugged or dies, the robot could go charging forward, and the only way to stop it will be to hit the emergency stop. Speaking of which…

4. The emergency stop is still mounted on the front of the robot. This makes the situation of the robot getting out of control even more fun!

5. The vision scanning now can go at a comfortable 10 Hz. Our robot can navigate autonomously around red/orange things using only the camera. However, since the decision making code is still reactive, it sometimes hits cones when they drop below the view of the camera.

6. We really need to have fences and colored drums to test with.

7. We’re blocked on:

  • No bagged VN 200 INS data to test EKF integration. Apparently it won’t publish INS data without a GPS lock, and we haven’t been able to get a lock around ENS.

  • No sonar driver written for Granny yet. The sonar array also needs to be mounted.

  • No driver yet for the GoPro camera.

8. We really need to mount the monitor. We also need to mount the power converter for it.

9. I added a page to the wiki on GitHub describing the reactive decision making nodes. We should add more pages on that wiki that describe other sets of nodes and parts of the project. It would be good to have a single place for all documentation.


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