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Things to do 4/1/13

April 1, 2013

I can see us finishing this project on the horizon. We’re close. Everything I can think of that needs to be addressed before we should consider ourselves about ready for Michigan:

1. Hardware stuff, see spreadsheet

2. Vision

  • Need to port logpolar plot processor to C++
  • Convert rays to sonar’s coordinate frame
  • Need to move from detecting orange/red to detecting everything but grass [& shadow]
  • Finish lane detection

3. Sonar

  • Get node working to publish data into ROS
  • Publish data as a LaserScan

4. VN 200

  • Need to publish GPS data and yaw in local area reference frame
  • Need to incorporate into EKF (just try bare minimum x/y/yaw at first)
  • Need to complete EKF compass fix
  • Activate OminSTAR subscription

5. Infrastructure for Reactive agent

  • Need to combine rays from vision from sonar into /scan
  • Should test simulator for benefits of converting rays into robot’s coordinate frame
  • Needs to be able to handle LaserScans that are not 180 degrees wide
  • Need to define waypoints in local reference frame in GoalMaker or parameter server

6. Testing infrastructure

  • Bag camera data because of the new mount
  • Bag VN 200 data to see GPS/compass accuracy
  • Bag sonar data to visualize and confirm accuracy as well as robustness of mount
  • Calibrate sonar & camera under conditions where they should give almost equal results

7. Testing reactive navigation on grass getting to multiple waypoints…

  • Using only encoders for telemetry and no obstacles
  • With most sets of constraints from the cross product of the following three sets of constraints:
  1. {red/orange cones/barrels/fences, ramp, all cones/barrels, white painted lanes, everything}
  2. {sonar, camera, both sonar and camera}
  3. {encoders, VN 200, both encoders and VN 200}

8. Test navigation in simulation under scenarios that we can’t construct in real life (like complex barrels arrangements, etc.)


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