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Update 3/8/13

March 9, 2013

Hey guys. I want to update everyone before we disperse into the wind for Spring Break.

0. We will not have a meeting this Sunday, but there will one on the 17th.

1. Looks like we’re not getting any discount on the $450 camera we were looking at. Time to start looking for a decent camera, and fast. We really can’t put this off. It’s probably best to distribute the process. Everyone, do research and find cameras that might work with our application, and then send me links. I don’t want one option. Give me ten, and I will email every one of the companies that sell them.

2. I’ve been experiencing some issues with the Hokuyo. Sometimes it starts up, runs for a few seconds, but then crashes with an error code that isn’t documented. This is very concerning. I will probably begin emailing companies for a replacement over the break.

2b. Turns out that the Hokuyo spins inside if it is being powered at all. From now on, we must keep it powered off unless it’s being used. We really need a switch on the power line to make this more convenient.

3. Tested the robot outside yesterday. Here’s a video:


4. Unfortunately, the VN 200 driver node was not complete yesterday, so we couldn’t test it. We need to get that done soon!

5. For those not in the senior design group, see our Testing & Evaluation Plan report. Feel free to comment if something isn’t clear.

6. Lucas has begun to document his explorations into vision, mostly trying to fix issues we’ve observed in bagged data that are not a function of the quality of our current camera. Frank has also begun to diagram our developing vision pipeline.


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